Harmonica: Anyway...the Snakepit sent me...to make an offer to one of your guests.  ...Could I...?  Caedmon: Crash the party?  Harmonica: Well...yeah... Caedmon: Tacky.  Who? Lyons? Harmonica: Your former boss? No.  Caedmon: Curious.Harmonica: No, I'm looking for L.A. Lewis-Kwan...and her daughter, Cassie.  Caedmon: Over there.  L.A.: Try to be happy for Judy and Leo's engagement, please... Cassie: Sorry, Mommy...it's great...'happy's'...hard.

Harmonica: Ms. Lewis-Kwan, I'm representing the Mimir Research Institute... L.A.: The military think tank? They research mother-daughter spats now?  Harmonica: Hah! Nope.  --But their research sometimes produces-- unexpected-- wonderful-- results.Judy: --Then Leo-- Lorelei: Oooo.  Harmonica: Their latest breakthrough may lift your daughter Cassie's deep--suicidal--depression--even bring her smarts up to--'normal' levels. L.A.: What? Caedmon: Wait. What?  Lyons: --Sounds like an interesting conversation--




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