Judy: I was almost afraid you'n'Leo... Lorelei: Leo'n'I have been classmates too long...he's practc'ly my brother!  So...what're they yakkin' 'bout..?  Judy: Plannin' th'wedding?  Leo: Maybe we should elope...?L.A.: But--how-- Harmonica: Whoa!  I'll tell you as much as I can-- but wouldn't you love to get rid of her depression-- for good?  L.A.: You don't know--can't know--how much.

L.A. (Caption): You can't imagine-- L.A.: Emergency? Send an ambulance to the Drake Home for Assisted Living--641 Ditko Drive!  My daughter-- attempted suicide-- slitting her wrists!  ---Again. Yes, she's alive! Hurry!!!Cassie: Wait! Don't I get a say?  L.A.: Cassie, you're a minor--and-- Cassie: 'Tarded, right? So you'll say what t'do--t'me!! Harmonica: Cassie--do you like being sad all the time? Cassie: ....no.




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