Harmonica (caption): There'd be three brain implants... L.A.(caption): Brain...implants? Harmonica (caption): A hindbrain implant lessening violence and rage...a pleasure center implant lightly increasing joy...a reasoning center implant making learning easier.L.A.: Cassie's not the first---right?  Harmonica: Oh, no...we've tested this on brain-injured and near-comatose veterens. The results were amazing.  Caedmon: Cassie's allergic to most antidepressants, right?  L.A.: Yep. To cure that--

Cassie: You've gotta help me!!! Leo: Cassie? What's up? Cassie: That lady there wants to slice into m'brain--t'make me...happier. Smarter. 'Cured'. Lucy: At our party? Lorelei: Daddy's listening... Both Lucy and Lorelei: Great.Caedmon: You really think they can--? Harmonica: No guarentees, but...I've seen jaw-dropping recoveries--so why not try to help those born mentally challenged? If we can cure her depression too-- win-win.




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