Mindmistress: Here--we can do without that! Farmhand: Ow!  Unknown: Mindmistress infonode:  Her exoskeletal armor amplifies her strength a dozen times and her speed threefold. The relatively light armor allows amazing leaps.Farmhand: Hyaaaaiiiiii!! Mindmistress: Um? Unknown: However, the essence of judo is to use an opponent's strength and momentum against them. Mindmistress is no exception. Use a sumi-gaeshi variation on her...

Mindmistress: Don't run!!  Stay behind me!! Unknown: Researchers hope that either plasma's too unsolid to be effected by the field's unknown nature--or the superheating and ionization would disrupt the field.Unknown: Take advantage of Mindmistress' vulnerabilities.  Her field only dflects high-velocity objects: her eyesockets and lower face are unprotected.  Mindmistress: ...Chingga... Unknown: Knives would do her more damage than a missile.



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