Mindmistress: These cows seem perfeclty normal---singularly.  ---It's only collectively--subconsciously--that they know...more than bovinely possible. ---Jungian Jerseys?  Caedmon: Look out!! That farmhand's aiming--Unknown:  Mindmistress infonode: known defenses. Alpha: exoskeletal armor. Beta: a velocity-redirection-field...experiment: would the field defflect supeheated plasma the way it does more solid projectiles--? Record results. Caedmon: --Something--

Mindmistress: Don't run!!  Stay behind me!! Unknown: Researchers hope that either plasma's too unsolid to be effected by the field's unknown nature--or the superheating and ionization would disrupt the field.Caedmon:  Wow. It...just swerved away.  Mindmistress: Good.  Never been tested against plasma weaponry.  Unknown: Unfortunately, the most optimistic researcher gives this experiment a low probabilityh of success...twenty to thirty percent.



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