Caedmon: So...are these cows intent on enslaving mankind and making...peopleburgers out of us?  Mindmistress: No. Just contentedly chewing their cud.  CaedmonL are good with animals. Mindmistress: It's a gift.Mindmistress:  Caedmon: Well? Dazzle me with your more-than-human brilliance... Mindmistress: Watch where you're sleeping-- too late. Caedmon: Oh. Wonderful.  My Italian shoes. Mindmistress: Wellll...what do we have here?

Unknown: Downloading...Siguard skillset: source: Wolfgang March (Bloodlust) Alpha: Gunnery.  Beta: Plasma Weaponry expertise.  Gamma: Martial Arts: One: Judo. Two: Karate. Three: Jeet kune do. Delta: Knife-wielding close combat.Farmhand: What. A. Rush.  Knowledge cascading...reflexes primed... deploying plasma weaponry hidden within the tractor... Caedmon: You're looking for--?Mindmistress: Anything unsual. Caedmon: In a cow pasture? --We should live so long....



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