Caedmon: I'll call security--- Mindmistress: Do that. Some're holdovers from the Marches' tenure--they might believe you--might've heard of me...but Mimir Institute'll remain...a mystery. Caedmon: Mystery? You're referring to--?Mindmistress: See this equation?  It's Fermat's last theorem---puzzling mathematicians for centuries--solved recently. Caedmon:  It's what those cowpaths formed.  Mindmistress: I think it's connected-- to Cassandra Lewis-Kwan's treatment.  Caedmon: Oh.  Suuure it is.

Caedmon: Why're you so concerned? That file claims you're superintelligent. Afraid of a little...competition?  Mindmistress: Hardly. Afraid of those exploiting the...unwary...betraying relatives' hopes..Caedmon: Well, here we are...I have a question, though. If you're superintelligent---really superintelligent--why keep yourself--secret? Mindmistress: Because I'm---superintelligent?  Caedmon: Why not--y'know--rule the world?  Mindmistress: Eeeeeewwww.

Caedmon: What? Mindmistress: If stranded on an island overrun by apes---would you try to become an ape-troop's 'alpha male'--? --Or would you live like a human? ---Letting the apes be-- apes?Caedmon:  So you think we're-- Mindmistress: Comparatively? Essentially.  Caedmon:  Isn't that---arrogant? Conceited? Elitist?  Mindmistress: Realistic? You all scare me to death.  Like being alone--on an island of violent apes.  Caedmon: Ook ook.



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