Caedmon: Okay...keep calm...there's a perfectly logical explanation for this--I'm going bonkers. Somone's texting me a message on my cellphone-- and I'm still talking to myself.  Shut. Up.Cellphone text: Look behind U.  Caedmon:  No. Way.   I turn around, there'll be an axe murderer about to sloice my head off---or the IRS---or someone laughing at my talking to myself.

Mindmistress: Well...a little amused, perhaps.  Caedmon: Mindmistress.  Exactly as Iris March described you--okay.  Where's my straight jacket? Mindmistress:  How should I know?  I'm the-- derivative-- juvenile-- ridiculous-- power-fantasy.Mindmistress: Besides why a straight jacket---for such a straight man?  Caedmon: Why use my computer terminal?  Mindmistress: It was Iris March's---accesses some very secure systems---perhaps--clues to Bloodlust's location.



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