Caedmon: Hah!  My prececessor, Iris March, was a comic book writer her files, this 'Mindmistress dossiier' 's an elaborately detailed superhero script.  Superhuman intelligence?  Powered armor?  Derivative.  Juvenile.  Absurd.Caedmon: Interesting.  ?How she used real people, like her his uber-mercenary 'Bloodlust' persona-- in the story.  Hmmmm.  Bloodlust. He was almost a real-life 'supervillain'---maybe the uber-mercenary was her idea---

I was never into superheroes myself. Too gaudy.  Too much a power-fanasy.  This ridiculous 'Mindmistress' with her teleportational 'catwalks'-- her mental 'illusions' and 'invisibility'-- yi yi yi!!!Caedmon: Is anyone--? No.  No one behind me.  It's been a rough week.  Lucy eloping it any wonder I'm talking to myself?  Seeing things?



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