Lisa East: When the Snakepit does release their findings, they'll probably try to whitewash them...these notes'll keep them honest...hello? Anybody there?  Huh. Funny. Thought I heard mistake.Caedmon: Mom? I'm sorry about overreacting to Lucy eloping...I'm just so excited about what's happening with Cassie---the implications--I really appreciate you testing Cassie--Mom? Asleep already? Mom?

Caedmon: Mom? Mom? Oh.  Oh, no...not now.  Please--not now. What'll I tell Lucy?  She it happened hours ago.  I need to call ...someone.  Call 911...Lorelei: Caedmon---I'm so sorry... Caedmon: In a week, Lucy'll find out she missed her own mother's funeral.  Lorelei:'ll help...havin' Leo with her. Caedmon: We can only hope.



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