Lorelei: So..what's she doin'? Caedmon: Giving impromptu intelligence tests.  She used to be a teacher...then administered aptitude tests for Lyons Power's HR department.  ---That paid for my college tuition.Harmonica: Caedmon, you can't do this!   The contract specifically states no outside testing without the institute's approval... Lorelei: His mom's an outsider?  Caedmon: I'm March Industries' CEO -- and Mimir Institute's.  I approved this.

Spring: East! How dare you-- Lorelei: Oooo. Temper, temper... Caedmon: I may be new---but I'm still Ceo.  Are you afraid my mother's a spy from another think tank? Get a gripLisa East: trange.  She's still...mentally challenged.  Caedmon: What?  Lisa: Problem solving skills?  Still very low.  Comprehension?  Limited.  Yet her reading's advaned a grade--again--and her musical skills---awe-inspiring.

Lisa East: She reads musical notation.   She plays complicated pieces---without pausing!  Three weeks ago, she couldn't play 'Chopsticks'!  It's like--Cassie--copied--a concert pianist's decades of musical training.  That's ludicrous!



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