Lisa East: Really Caedmon--Judy and Lego took honeymoon vacations from their work---they're adults--let them-- Lorelei: --The Snakepit?  Caedmon: Mom, you have to see this--Lorelei too.

L.A.: Cassie, that's amazing!  You did that piece flawlessly!  Lisa East: --But--you can't-- Lorelei: Neat! Lisa East: Piano playing involves muscle memory, not just intellect--you can't just master a skill--overnight.  Caedmon: Nevertheless--listen.Lisa East: You have to let me test her...if y ou try to talk Lucy into...this...I have to understand. Caedmon: Go ahead, Mom. Lorelei: Cassie?  Cassie: I'm still me...just...playing good.



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