Lorelei: There! Your cage's clean...oh. Hi, lovebirds? Lucy East: Lorelei--know how you're gon' t'be my maid of honor? Lorelei: Uh-huh...?  Lucy East: Change of plans.  We're gonna elope!  Okay with..you?  Lorelei: Okay??!!.Lorelei: I'm very happy...n' relieved! Judy:  Relieved? Really? Leo: See. Lorelei: Really. I thought I was goin' t'sound so stupid helpin' you plan th'weddin'--th'bridal shower...pick th'dresses--

Leo: 'Sides, we'll marry 'fore Caedmon gives us Cassie's treatment...making us smart..strangers.  Judy:  Don' change...love you now. Like I wouldn't want Lorelei t'change.. Lorelei: Me?: Change? Get smarter?Judy: So you'll tell Mom..and my brother?  Caedmon might yell at you... Lorelei: Hey, I'd rather help your getaway than be your maid of honor.. be happy, you two! Later!



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