Lorelei: 'Preciate th'ride, Miz East.  Lisa East: Glad to, Lorelei.  I wanted to see for myself if Cassie's improved---no helicopter like last weekend... Lorelei: S'okay. I nearly got airsick.  Drivin's fine.L.A.: Cassie just finished 'Charlotte's Web'-- Cassie: ...But parts were so sad... L.A.: Her reading and comprehension levels jumped a grade--in a week!  Lisa East: That's wonderful, Cassie.  Lorelei: Yeah. Wonderful.

Cassie: I wish they wouldn't make such a big deal about it--Lorelei: Well...y'seem happier... Cassie: Y'don't, though. What's wrong? Lorelei: Nothin', really---it's just...changed.  Cassie: Lorelei...I'm still...me.L.A.: Lisa, you taught before you were Lyons Power's human resources manager.  Ever seen anything like this?  Lisa: Never. What'd they do?  L.A.: I--can't tell...they'd stop Cassie's treatments....won't risk it.



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