Spring: There's an electromagnetic antibehicle device-- this film demonstrating it tearing apart a tank--after disabling its electrical systems--this smaller version's easily attached under a car... Caedmon: Very impressive, Spring...Mindmistress: The new testament Lord's payer...in Aramaic. Cows eating grass in that exact pattern.  Vicki: So they're...sacred cows?  Pasteurized popes?  Bull baptists?  Jesuit Jerseys?  Cattle Cardinals?  Bovine Buddhas? Moo-slims? Moo-llahs?

Vicki: Boss...?Mindmistress: You're enjoying this, aren't you?  Get it out of your system. Vicki: Sorry, boss.  I'm finished.  So...what is the explanation, o mastermind o'mine?

Mindmistress: I can think of at least seventeen possible explanations--each one more ridiculous, more preposterous than the last.  Vicki: No idea huh? Mindmistress:  Not a clue.



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