Caedmon: Martin Spring?  Caedmon East.  Wow. That's a grisly corporate logo... Spring: Mimir's head?  Mimir was so wise, Odin, giver of vitory, needed his advice-- even after Mimir's beheaded.  Appropriate, right?Spring: We're working on personal armor that'll put Interceptor or Dragonskin to shame--special plastics that remain pliable, but immediately harden on impact.  Caedmon; Wow. That'll save lives in Iraq...Afghanistan...

Spring: There's an electromagnetic antibehicle device-- this film demonstrating it tearing apart a tank--after disabling its electrical systems--this smaller version's easily attached under a car... Caedmon: Very impressive, Spring...

Spring: This multi-read tank has velcro and retractable hooks-- it can climb up mountains--the sides of buildings--with a snakelike body--oh.  Caedmon: Excuse me-- Lorelei?  Lorelei



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