Lorelei: Hi, Cassie! What y'readin' Cassie: Comic called 'Calvin and Hobbes'--kinda cute. Lorelei: How y'feelin'? Cassie: Very, very bald. Lorelei: Any...better? Well..I'm not grinnin'...still...maybe a little.Lorelei: What 'bout bein' smarter?  Cassie: It's not like that...it's like...they're sharin'--what they know--with me.  Lorelei: Like teachers share what they know... Cassie: No...no.  It's...hard to describe...

Harmonica: ...And you shouldn't. Hi, Cassie. Remember? You and your mother signed an agreement to keep details of the process secret... Cassie: Even from Lorelei? Harmonica: Even from me. ---For now, anyway.Cassie: What? Miz Harmonica, you don't know?  Lorelei: Jokin'...right?  Harmonica: Nope.  I was told just enough to draw up the contracts---but I'm a lawyer, not a researcher.  Very hush-hush.




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