Harmonica: One one end, there's the March Munitions Complex. At the other's--the Mimir research institute. --In between, the March Dairy farm.  Great-grandpa March made 'March's Milk' famous throughout Georgia.Caedmon: Making a 'snakepit' a real milk run, right?  Harmonica: Cute.  Real cute.  Masterminds, milk, and munitions-- Lorelei: Thanks f'lettin' me come t'see Cassie, Caedmon--hey--lookit those cowpaths...

Caedmon: Wow.  That's odd...let me tkae a cellphone photo... Lorelei: Looks like...numbers.  Letters.  Caedmon: Yeah. Almost...familiar.  It's just a coincidence. Like Mars' 'Smiley Face'...New Hampshire's 'Great Stone Face'.Harmonica:  Maybe some bored dairy farm worker's studying math -- 'carving' math problems-- with a tractor.  Caedmon: Right. Right. Good thinking, Harmonica.  Lorelei: 'Bye, bossies!  Caedmon: To the Snakepit-- the Mimir Research Institute, rather.




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