Frank: C'mon, let me up! Mindmistress: No, I don't think so.  Interesting.  I've memorized all  your military and medical records, and--- Frank: That's illegal!  They're private!  Mindmistress: Really? What will Commissioner Gordon say?Mindmistress: Anyway, you've never had any sort of skull or brain injury...why, then have you had three brain implants?  Frank: Uhhh... Mindmistress: Such interesting locations, too...hindbrain. Pleasure centers. Reasoning centers.

Mindmistress: I know Bloodlus didn't have them...I've memorized his medical records, too...tell me...what's your relationship with the Mimir Research Institute?  Frank: They helped develop some of Bloodlust's weaponry...Mindmistress:, personally. Frank: I'm...not at liberty to say.  Mindmistress: Fine. Then I'll leave you here, strapped down, in one of the most violent areas in Iraq... Frank: I...can't say... Mindmistress: Literally can't?




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