Nice shot, Frank. Shooting a rocket launcher inside abandoned hospitals isn't the best what's Bloodlust's psychological warfare expert doing working with an insurgent group in Iraq?Frank: Not just psychological warfare--wow. In that powered armor, you can really move... Mindmistress: Thanks.  Your boss is good at moving too--left  you behind to negotiate--collect--

Frank: Bloodlust and I are history! I--- Mindmistress: Funny thing...there's nothing in Frank Demetreios' military records that shows training in rocket launchers... Frank: My record wouldn't show knifefighting skills either--Frank: ---But I'm good enough to carve that pretty--unprotected--chin and mouth with-- whoops.  C'mon--that's just embarassing.  That armor's speed and strength is something else... Mindmistress: Now. About Bloodlust...




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