Lorelei: Oh, no...first that party last night-- now a tape th'other 'me'.... that always means trouble... at least it's a tape... I have trouble with those CD menus...Mindmistress: Lorelei-- first off, no matter how Daddy pleads or threatens---don't let them put implants into our brain.  Lorelei: As if I would-- Mindmistress: Secondly-- I do want you visiting Cassie.

Mindmistress: I understand Caedmon East is touring the Mimir Research Facility Saturday--you're his Judy's sister's best friend--it'd be easy to ask that favor.  --Visit Cassie-- tour the facility--Mindmistress: I think Bloodlust's alive--but Vicki's having problems finding him. Lorelei: Bloodlust.  Troy's killer.  Darfur, Bagdad, Kabul...just...missing him. Help me.  Lorelei: Anything. Anything.  Mindmistress: He's bieng helped.  Maybe by the 'Snakepit'.




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