Mindmistress: Here's your glases. Caedmon: Uh...the tank--? Mindmistress: On it.  Tank captain: Lie on the ground, arms outstretched!  Resistance will be me with extreme force! Mindmistress: Like your destroying the helicopter? Tank captain: Yes. Mindmistress: Nice bluff.Tank captain: I assure you we're not bluffing--- Mindmistress: You and the farmhand obviously know about me.  What happens if an artillery shell hits my velocity-redirection-field? Tank captain: Uh... Mindmistress: Veers away. Goes boom. I'm untouched.

Mindmistress: Vicki---send the Swift Thought to me. Vicki: On its way.   It kills me the way it shifts form--streamlinging for high-altitude hypersonic flight, for instance.  Caedmon: Who's Vicki? Mindmistress: She...assists me, Mr. East.Tank captain: This'll stop you.  Caedmon: Uh-oh. Trouble. Ultimate...amplified...electromagenet.  Mindmistress: Oh, they're good. This tank isn't made of metal---instead an e-glass fibre composite plastic.  Caedmon: Your armor's metallic, right?  Mindmistress: Leaving. Now.



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