Caedmon: That odd jet... Mindmistress: Mine, Mr. Esat, but the way it's shaking-- it's affected by the magnetism, also.  Pulses frying its electrical systems---less shielded than my suit's.Tank Captain: Anchor cables secured?  Tanksman: Yes, sir.  Tank Captain: Good. Supposedly we're metal free, our electrical fields shielded--but if we've missed anything, those cables will keep us--secure. Caedmon: You're controlling that jet?

Caedmon:  Can you angle its descent to---oof!! Mindmistress:  Got to...let you go...control its flight? Maybe.  If its circuitry isn't totally fried... Caedmon: The mine's pulling it--angle it towards---Caedmon:  --The tank? Oh.  You're waaaayyyy ahead of me.  Mindmistress: It's still a good idea, Mr. East, no matter who came wup with it... Tanksman: Uh...sir? Look to the left... Tank Captain: Abandon tank!! Tanksman: 'Abandon tank'? Tank Captain: Move Move Move Move!!



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