Caedmon: Wow!! Mindmistress: It looks like the tank crew evacuated in time--barely.  Ugh!  My armor-- Caedmon: What's wrong?  Mindmistress: --Twisting --- warping---shorting out!Caedmon: What--? A body leotard--?  Mindmistress: The electrical systems are disrupting--the armor's bending--if I don't get out of this suit---it'll become jagged shrapnel-- shred me to ribbons.

Mindmistress: My locket--!! Caedmon: don't strike me as the jewelry tyupe-- Mindmistress: But it--you don't--right.  It's just a keepsake--from my mother. Caedmon: So we're defenseless?  Bad timing. Because--Caedmon: ---We're surrounded.  Soldier: Plastic tranq guns. We won't kill you ---but one way or another we're taking you prisoner. Caedmon: What should we do?  Mindmistress: We surrender.  Soldier: See? She really is smart.



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