Caedmon: Tell me again-- how you're an advanced transhuman intellect--since we're both manacled prisoners--a human can be trapped by wild dogs-- the human's still human---the dogs are still...drooling.

Spring: Ahhh, Mindmistress...we've long anticipated this. A medcal/psychological team's assembled to find clues to your...uniqueness.  Mindmistress: So...what are you?  Some sort of...shared communal consciousness?  A...hivemind?

Spring: 'We are the Borg--you will be assimilated?'  Not...exactly.  We store...skills.  Not just information...but muscle memory...acquired reflexes.  A shared interneural network--accessible ...Like sharing Internet videos.  Spring: Exactly! Voluntary access!  We each contribute 'skillsets' which the rest can access. Example: I've never flown---but I could become an ace pilot--in minutes.



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