Mindmistress: You share...skills? One question: modern-day human-made computers store information--not muscle memory--reflexes--you'd need something biological to--oh.  The cattle. Caedmon: Somone please explain the cattle!! Spring: Patience, Mr. East.Spring (Caption): As Mindmistress realizes---bovines--like humans--only use a fraction of their brains.  The cattle, given brain implants, upload the 'skillsets' into their subconscious--becoming collectively--uncomprehending--living databanks.

Spring: The skillsets fragment among many cattlle-- Colleague: If one cow dies, implants upload data to others. Painlessly.  Harmlessly. ---Although the cattle often--subconsciously-- choose paths 'writing' their data--like sleepwalkers.Spring: Dairy cows aren't slaughtered.  They're more useful alive.  We're milking their minds--as farmers milk their bodies--to master Arabic in minutes--become brain surgeons in half an hour.



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