Guard: You're released from your bonds--now accompany us to the neurology lab. Caedmon: --To become guinea pigs. Mindmistress: First things first. We're no longer bound.  Caedmon: Yep. Free---to be led to the slaughter.Caedmon: So...what's your plan?  Mindmistress: To stay alive...and to not blab my plans...if front of armed, multitalented guards. Caedmon: Oooo. Burned.  Guard: By my flamethrower---unless you keep moving.

Caedmon: You sure you're a...superhero?  Mindmistress:  No! A---quote--'superhero'--unquote--goes around fighting 'evil'--I choose my own battles--I'm not into altruism--for altruism's sake. Caedmon: ---But--then--if---Caedmon: --You're mentally above the rest of humanity--by a process you keep secret--with your own amoral, secret agenda-- isn't that exactly what they're doing?  How are you--different?



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