Mindmistress: Well...I didn't murder your mother to keep my secrets... Caedmon: What?  Mindmistress: Oh? It didn't register?  She died right after she realized how miraculous your sister's friend's piano virtuosity was.Caedmon: Murderers!!  Soldier: Sir, stay--ungh!  Soldier2: He's gone crazy! Caedmon (Caption): Suddenly I was pure rage, raw fury.  Attacking like a hurricane---true, a spastic hurricane...attacking superbly-armed soldiers...amazingly, holding my own...

Caedmon (Caption): ...For roughly three seconds.  Soldier: We can incinerate you with napalm--or send a fusillade of armor-piercing bullets through your brain.  Hold very still. --Unless you've a strong death wish.Mindmistress: Hi! Remember me?  While Mr. East was attracting your attention, I light-fingered this slim, compact grenade off your belt.  Soldier: Oh... Soldier2: ...No.  Caedmon:  You..planned all this?  Mindmistress: Bingo.



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