Caedmon (Caption): So my ultra-intelligent ally stole a compact grenade from our captors-- troubles are over, right? Mindmistress:  By the way,  East-- catch!  Caedmon:  Eep. Caedmon (Caption): Fat chance. Mindmistress: Ever play 'hot potato'? Soldier: Take cover!!!Caedmon (Caption): Don't panic. Don't panic.  Don't panic. Wherewherewhere? This corridor looks empty...I hope.  With a conceited--arrogant--

Caedmon (Caption): Wow. Eja Vu. I've gotten into a bad habit of just barely surviving explosions.  I'm a CEO.  I should be worrying about board meetings...stock prices...not indoor explosions!Soldier1: She's gone!  Guard2: Firm grasp of the obvious, there... Soldier3: What a tactician! Exits are secured, though... Soldier4: Hey, what's with him? He injured?  Caedmon: No...just shaken..and evidently everybody's patsy! Hah!!



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