Doc Hyper: Pale, you lead these two in searching for her-- Pale: Will do.  Doc: Allnighter, you work best alone--trail her! Allnighter: Where's Onedge and Updraft, Doc? Doc: Guarding the neurology lab.Caedmon  'Doc'?  You're  Doc: Brain surgeon, according to John Hopkins.  Hold still, sir. I won't kill--but I've tranq darts, and knockout gas... Caedmon:'re huge.

Doc (Caption): Six foot seven. My hobby's bodybuilding.  Nicknamed 'Doc Hyper' as an intern--always moving, constantly cross-checking...downloading additional skillsets made me...extraordinary.  Doctor1: She's recovering.  How'd you--? Doctor2: He always knows.Caedmon: Which skills--?  Doc: Bloodlust's military skills--molecular biochemist---nanotechnology researcher--forensic pathologist--paychiatrist--geneticist--neurologist--virologist--bacteriologist. Plus--boxing--wrestling--krav maga--skin diving--mnemonic memory training--speedreading--among others.

Doc: --All downloaded. ---All in addition to 'trained' brain surgery and bodybuilding.  --The brain can hold ten 'major' skillsets--professions--ten 'minor' skillsets--major hobbies--and at least ten foregin languages--nine downloaded. One moment--Allnighter: Doc! I tracked her to the medical wing, but-- Doc:  You can't go in without pancking patients.  Hold tight. I'm bring East--might be a useful hostage.  East: Like she'd care...



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