Allnighter: Cameras indicated she went into the Medical Wing--heading for room G-8.  Doc Hyper: Cassie Lewis-Kwan's room? Odd.  Caedmon: Don't hurt Cassie--she's innocent-- Doc: Hurt her? Never. After all--she's my patient.Allnighter:  Still.  Very still.  Doc: All I need do is--doff helmet and gloves--put on a labcoat-- and I'm Dr. Sanford Spring again--checking on his patient. Caedmon:  Spring?  Like--? Doc: My father.

Mindmistress:  Hi! I surrender.  Doc: Hello.  Really?  What were you doing in Miss Lewis-Kwan's room?  Mindmistress: Hiding from, ohhh, armor-piercing bullets, flame throwers--after all--I'm unarmored.  Weaponless.  Ergo--  Doc: Hmmm.  Follow me.Allnighter: Try anything tricky, and I'll-- Mindmistress: Your Mr. Spring needs me, remember?  Doc: My father--? Mindmistress: So you'll do nothing. Caedmon: Blown up any other friends lately?  Mindmistress: No.  But don't tempt me. Allnighter: Move!



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