Mindmistress: Hi. Just met your son.  Mr. Spring: Sanford?  Yes.  He implanted the first neuromodulators into us--then later volunteered himself.  Sit down, please, Mindmistress. Sanford and his squad'll stand guard outside.Researcher: Never seen such brainwaves... Spring: This's our premier neurologist, Dr. George Demetrios. You've left his nephew, Frank---  Mindmistress:L Last left him tied up in Iraq... Dr. Demetrios:  This cap allows one-way access to Skillspace...

Dr. Demetrios (Caption): --To Mimir's Well. Tiny infonodes of expertise--minor skillsets-- major skillsets--all rippling in skillstreams--wisdomwaves--murmuring their titles---their specialities---  Mindmistress: Virtual sight and sound.  More efficient. Mindmistress: Directly stimulating cerebral sensory centers. Nice.  Spring: Today's experts specialisze--missing the big picture.  Our experts--mastering ten fields of study--see patterns others miss.  Results? New discoveries: principles: applications: technology.



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