Mr. Spring: We've debated long and hard what we'd want from you. Many of us wanted the secret of your teleportational pathway-- Mindmistress: The Catwalk?   One misstep--you're falling between realities--forever.Spring:  Many of us thought your armor's field--- deflecting only high-velocity objects--would be even better.  Protection against bullets--shrapnel--missiles.  The perfect defense. Mindmistress: Perfectly unstoppable-- in the wrong hands.

Spring:  But--with either of these--not understanding their underlying principles--could be as dangerous as a caveman--handling live electrical wires.  We need to start from the beginning-- Mindmistress: Beginning?Spring: We're a think tank.  All of us superbly educated, intellectually curious--and all of us wonder how--and why--the universe began.  We want your--cosmology.  The ultimate answer.



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