Mindmistress: Hahahahahahaha!!!  Mr. Spring: Not the reaction I was expecting... Mindmistress: You want me to upload *heh* everything I know about cosmology--*giggle* ---so you can download--into your--hooboy. Spring: We'll force you--Mindmistress (Caption): Spare your threats. Since you insist-- that's your choice.  How many cattle to store a skillset? Spring (Caption): A dozen or two.  Mindmistress (Caption): I see.  How many cattle remain--unused?  Spring (Caption): Several thousand.

Mindmistress: Good. You'll need them. So..how's this done?  Dr. Demetrios: Just concentrate on the subject of cosmology.  Your synapses'll access the appropriate brain areas.  Mindmistress: I-I...need to warn you...Spring:  Save it.Spring: Concentrate on Cosmology--and pour it into Mimir's Well.  Give it a name-- 'Eternity's Origin'.  If you don't--some of us downloaded expertise in 'forced coercion.  Mindmistress: Torture?  'Uploading' now...



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