Demetrious: None of the brain areas associated with lying were used: she uploaded the real deal.  Mindmistress: Look, this is really ill-advised... Spring: What's ill-advised--is horading secrets humanity's lusted for. Mindmistress: 'lusted'?Spring: Ahhh...downloading it now.... Download: Goedel's incompleteness theorems dictate any mathematical framework cannot be consistent--and complete. Physical laws are expressed matehmatically...ergo, other frameworks--other realities--must exist.

Download: Now, saying other realities exist is meaningless-- unless they're detectable--interacting in a Heisenbergian sense--with our own.  Mindmistress: Spring--Demetrious--it's not too late--break it off--- Demetrious: No... Spring: ...Way.Spring: All philosophy---all science--every martyrdom for any religion--all hinging on how we're here---and why.  You may not have the final answer...but you'll get us...much closer.



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