Download: ?However, there cannot be an infinite number of alternative realities-- Cornelius: --Because-- Mimir Neurologist: --Infinite-- Mindmistress: Spring!! You've got to stop-- Spring: Afraid we're too dim to comprehend?  Mindmistress: No!! Too smart--for your own good.Mindmistress: Unlike the cows---you'll comprehend parts of it-- Spring: Myriad realities--- aligning in planes--facets--like the sephiroth of the Kabballah-- Mindmistress: --Be drawn to it-- Spring: So elegant---magnificent---beautiful---

Spring: So pretty...shiny... Mindmistress: --Like a moth--to a flame-- too late.  Spring: ...Like Granny's prisms... Mindmistress: Could Socrates grasp quantum mechanics-- and stay sane?  Could chimps comprehend Copernicus--- without going--- mad?Demetrious: Ooo. Ceiling patterns... Mimir Neurologist: I feel pretty, oh so pretty... Spring: Granny? I wanna ice cream float! Mindmistress: I once gave two kids a cosmological primer...results?  One dead, mainlined it...and overdosed.

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