Madwoman: I feel charming...and enchanting---I feel like running and dancing on air... Mindmistress: Nice letter opener...perfect to get off duct tape binding ankles--let's see now--what else--?Is in here? A cellphone. Perfect. Spring: Everythingweknowswrongwe'renotclosetoa'theoryofeverything'we'reclosetoatheoryofpracticallynothing.  Mindmistress: Cool it, Spring.

Neurologist: See that pretty girl in the mirror there?  Spring: Wait--what was I saying?  Mindmistress:  A brief moment of lucidity--a flash of sanity--between waves of irrational.  Spring: I' Vicki? Vicki: Boss! Let me get a GPSlock on your signal--when the suit stopped sending a signal, I got so worried-- Mindmistress: I'm fine, Vicki. Really.  Here's your instructions...



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