Doc Hyper: Move move move move!!! Non-squadsmen out--restrain 'em to keep them from harm!  Onedge: Oh, Dad... Allnighter: Look how contemptuously she turns her back on us--like we're nothing.  Onedge: Her mistake.Allnighter: Her field'll deflect missiles... Onedge: Yeah, but she breathes, doesn't she?  Gas'll get her-- Allnighter: The incapacitating agent, not the poison-- Onedge: Trust me.  Hurt my father?  I. Want. Her. To.  Suffer!

Onedge: She's...not falling...but she's just barely moving--could the armor be holding her up?  Doc: And why did she let her 'gateway'...fade away?  Her hair looks different, too...Doc: We've been...suckered. Dark jacket stuffed into an empty helmet---suggesting hair.  Preset, erratic motion. I thought she didn't have time to don the armor.... Onedge: So...where is Mindmistress?



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