Nurse: Cassie, I know Miss Lewinsky and your Mom just got here-- but Dr. Spring just ordered the medical section sealed off.  Cassie: Huh?  Why?  Harmonica: Do we have to leave? L.A.: What's happening?L.A.: A hallucinogenic gas escapes---some Institute members might be affected--locked in here for now.  Lovely.  Cassie: I hope Sophia's okay.... Harmonica: Who?  Cassie: A relative of Lorelei's who came by earlier.

Harmonica: What's she like?  Cassie: Looks a lot like Lorelei--- but dark-haired; grey-eyed; don't smile as much; uses a lot of big words; voice deeper, huskier---she's an Institute---con--con--consultant?Harmonica: What'd she want? Cassie: She wanted me to...upload my... L.A.: Cassie! I know it's silly, but we promised to not talk about the...process... Harmonica: ...Even with the Institute's



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