Dr. Demetrios: I had the key to understanding the universe... but I can't find the lock... Woman: Rrrrrrrrwwgh! Uh! Uh!  Updraft: If I had gotten the download---like I wanted--Shudder*Pale (Caption): Where's Caedmon East?  Caedmon: Ulllp! Mindmistress: In here.  Now.  *Ungh*  Caedmon (Caption): I thought Ezekiel Lyons did me a favor recommending me as the new March Industries CEO.  Now I'm not so sure.

Caedmon: You. I should've known.  Mindmistress: Hold it.  I know you're furious...but I knew you'd throw it away from you.  Caedmon: How? Like you played 'hot potato' with me as a kid...Caedmon (Caption): Then she gave me the look.  The look a teacher gives a student ignoring the obvious.  It's a fair question. I played 'hot potato' with Ludy, Lorelei and Cassie...

Caedmon (Caption): I was the 'normal' brother being nice to my sister's mentally challenged friends.  Then Mindmistress gave me the oddest insult ever... Mindmistress:  You know... Cassie is more perceptive than you.Mindimstress: It takes five minutes for my 'catwalk' to form.  No time to don my armor before your Bloodlust-wannabe 'friends' burst in--but I took...this.  Caedmon: Another...staff?  Mindmistress: Psyche-staff.

Mindmistress:  It controls nerves---motor responses-- Caedmon:  Then---it can control  the squadsmen?  Mindmistress: No.  The Bloodlust-like helmet protects them from the Psyche-staff's effects.  Caedmon: So...it's useless? Mindmistress: Not...exactly.  It's still...valuable.Mindmistress: Rmember: I didn't dream the Wellwishers would be foolhardy enough to download my worldview.  I had another plan.  But now--unless I stop it with my Psyche-staff-- it'll be overkill.  ---Literally.



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