Squad leader: Doc! Doc Hyper: How're the others?  Squad leader: The Medical Center's sealed off, as you ordered---but otherwise, it's six hundred maniacs versus twenty of us!  Well-armed or not--bad odds.Doc Hyper: ?Yes. We've got our share here, too.  Squad leader: And Mindmistress escaped?  Doc: Yes. For now. Squad leader: She'd too dangerous---she decimated us--did you notice---another new skillset in Skillspace?  Dco: Another mindtrap?

Squad leader: No; not uploaded by Mindmistress---but it's entitled 'Mindmistress' secrets'--- I want your squad to stay and guard---while our three squads download it.  Doc: Who did upload it, then?Squad leader: Name didn't ring any bells---but it was uploaded this afternoon---doubtless after Mindmistress was captured.  Carry on, Doc! This may be the edge we need--- Doc: Wait!! Too late...



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