Harmonica: Cassie---as the Institute's legal counsel, I need to understand what's going on. Anything you say will be--privileged.  L.A.: Who's Sophia? Cassie: She entered--wearing a leotard---a while ago--Mindmistress: Hi, Cassie! You don't know me, but... Cassie: You just come...from working out? Mindmistress: In a sense. Cassie: You look like...Lorelei.  Mindmistress: Lorelei Lyons?  We're....related.  I've become an Institute...consultant.

Mindmistress: Cassie---how's your depression?  Cassie: Much better. Mindmistress: But many people suffer from depression.  You can help.  Cassie: Me? How? Mindmistress: Please concentrate on your deepest despair---your suicidal urges--upload them--Mindmistress: --So we can study them--- understasnd them.  Can you do that?  Cassie: G-guess so...what name--?  Mindmistress: I'm Sophia-- but I've a nickname--- 'Mindmistress'.  Call it...'Mindmistress' secrets.'  I'll...try...



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