Chuck: So loooooonnnnngggg... Mindmistress: He can't stop you....but I can.  After all, I just wanted to incapacitate the Institue leadership---pretending to overwrite the file Cassie had uploaded---at my request. Bloodlust: Oh.  You.Caedmon: Doctor-- hello again.  Mindmistress: My Psyche-Staff 'froze' your friend---but your helmet's visor filters out its effects---I can help your other colleagues---with your aid.  ---With your---helmet.

Mindmistress: While your peers wear these helmets---I can't restrain them---prevent them from harming---perhaps killing---themselves.  But with yours--- Doc: Here. Take it.  Mindmistress: Even if it leaves you---vulnerable?I don't care what you do to me---my father--my mentors--lost their minds---to their own---intellectual-- greed.  I can't lose my friends, too.  Save them.  Please.



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