Caedmon: I feel like I'm watching an old 'McGyver' episode... Doc Hyper: My friends could be killing themselves right now... hurry!! Mindmistress: Almost done.   It's relatively simple to modify your helmet's communication set--Mindmistress (Caption): ...Sending an ear-splitting screech through the helmets of your compatriots... Squadsman1: Eeyaaahhh!! Squadsman2: My ears!! Squadsman3: Turn it off!!! Mindmistress (Caption): The helmets comm-sets can't be switched off--lest someone not get orders...

Mindmistress (Caption): They'll have to throw away their helmets--leaving us free to ram this complex--free to use the Psyche-Staff wherever it's needed--on anyone who needs it-- Squadsman1: Good-- Squadsman2: --Riddence!Mindmistress: --Immobilizing--'freezing'--insane and would-be suicides alike.  Doc Hyper: Then it's...over? Mindmistress: Not yet.  The four members of your squad are neither insane nor despondent. They'll think I'm controlling you.



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