Doc Hyper: We're almost at the section where I left my squad... Mindmistress: They'll assume I'm controlling you---but they'll be helmetless---vulnerable to my Psyche-staff--- Caedmon: We're vulnerable to their bullets---Allnighter: Doc disappears---then that screech across our commlinks--- Pale: No need to download tactical savvy to figure that one out--- Updraft: Mindmistress.  We should don our gas masks and---

Mindmistress: Ready?  Nowwwwuuurrrggghhh!!! Doc: Mindmistress!! Onedge: About time.  I was getting sick of the staff!! Caedmon: Hidden panel behind wall.  Of course they're waiting with a garotte wire... Onedge: How do you beat a superbrain? --By cutting offf her blood supply--her oxygen-- Doc: Onedge!! Stop!! She's helping us... Onedge: Yeah--like she 'helped' turn my fahter---and yours--into madmen!



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