Caedmon: Mindmistress!! Here!! Figure you can work this better  Mindmistress: Thanks...but you handled it pretty well...luckily, it's very durable.  Onedge: Stop them!! Allnighter: Relax.  On my mark...ready...aim...Allnighter: Fiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrreee... Mindmistress: My weapon trumps yours. Now.  You're paralyzed.  I could slit your throats---nobody could stop me... I won't.

Mindmistress: I never chose to mentally cripple your parents...unfortunately, even I can't...casually...resotre their sanity.  The concepts are too...overwhelming.  Doc: But there's still's what we'll do.Mindmistress: Okay, we clear on what to do? Doc: Crystal. Caedmon: The news conference is arranged-- Harmonica's talking to the district attorney now. Mindmistress: Caedmon? Caedmon: Yes?  Mindmistress: You did good.



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