Caedmon: Ladies and gentlemen--we're here to quell some rumors.  Doc Hyper: Mimir Institute was developing a new way for individuals to share knowledge.  Harmonica: --Unfortunately, also aiding the terrorist mercenary Wolfgang March.Doc: The process proved unexpectedly dangerous---incapacitating most Institute members.  Caedmon: The former director's son, Dr. Sanford Spring'll take over--- Harmonica: He and his unaffected colleagues will try to make the process--- safer.

Leo Bowman: Huh.  Back from a honeymoon--'n'your brother makes the news.  Caedmon: Also the Institute's severed all ties with March-- is cooperating with authorities--- Judy: Wonder what happened--?  Lemme call Mom...Lucy: Oh, Lorelei! Mom--dead! Lorelei: Lucy---she ws so happy f'you.  She wouldn't want you--alone.  Lucy: Seomone--k-k-killed her? Why? Lorelei: Dunno. No answer makes sense-- Cassie: Lucy--it'll be...okay.



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