Bloodlust: About time!  Haven't heard from you since Frank Demetrios went...looney.  Spring? That you?  This quantum encryption channel's pretty slick...theoretically impossible to trace...even by snooty, chrome-covered...Mindmistress: Surprise, Bloodloser!  Bloodlust: Gyaaahh!! Oh. Great. Mindmistress: No help from the Mimir Institute, anymore.  Most're delusional--- Bloodlust: You-- Mindmistress: I infected their... psyches... but then... so did you.  Bloodlust: Uh...come again?

Mindmistress: A bunch of top professionals contracting kidnapping? Murder?  Not likely. Almost all downloaded your skillset.  Bloodlust: Envious nerds.  Mindmistress: Just your abilities...supposedly.  I think also your attitude towards those skills....Mindmistress: ....Contaminating your skillset...with your sociopathic disregard for life--your sick callousness---your contempt for law. It tinged their personalities--colored their consciousness. Bloodlust: Hah! Sheep...becoming wolflike.  Mindmistress: More bloodthirsty, anyway.

Mindmistress: Luckily, there were other influences-- core personalities-- other downloaded attitudes---still, you poisoned their collective---psyche. Bloodlust: You're using the Institute's commlink, right? ---Even that can't trace me.  I' For now. But the new Institute Director's deleting your--and Miss Kwan's--skillsets--until they find ways to filter out the skills'...emotional associations. Bloodlust: Then...skillsharing will go...public?

Mindmistress: Then...and only then.  --And no, I haven't forgotten your cowardly--contemptable--murder of an autistic young man-- Bloodlust: Hey--that retard couldn't even talk.  He's better off dead-- Mindmistress: Bloodlust--Mindmistress: Remember my promise?  I've figured out what I'll do when I catch you---you'll wish you were dead...instead. You're alone.  No Moodswing. No Mimir Institute. Run. --While you still can.



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