Mindmistress (Caption): I remember it like it was five minutes ago...I was four.  Running to the ringing doorbell...big enough to open the door by myself. Lorelei: I got it! I--Mindmistress (Caption): One advantage to having a wealthy father: almost nobody got past the guarded gates to our home unless they were friends.  I wasn't afraid...yet.  Lorelei: Hi! I'm Lore...lei....

Mindmistress (caption): I didn't know about Halloween.  Didn't know the guard let some neighbor kids visit.  I was four...facing an alien...a fairy...and the Grim Reaper. Kids: Trick or Treat!Mindmistress (Caption): I freaked.  I screamed and screamed and screamed...my parents...the housekeeper...all came running.  Explained it was all dress-up.  All in fun. Lorelei: Eeyaaayaahhh!! Mindmistress (Caption): But first impressions die hard...

Mindmistress (caption): Surprise.  It's all I can do---to keep from screaming--again. Albui: What ails the she-knight?  Zortic: hey, it's not that bad... Steve: Yeah, she's bringing me down. Zortic: But...you're...death! Steve: Your point?

Included it in the last panel are several guest-stars: ZORTIC, Abui of ROGUES OF CLYWD-RHAN, and Steve of LIFE AND DEATH



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