Mindmistress Any of you ever faced the Editor before? Abui: No.  Zortic: Uh-uh. Steve: Nope.  Mindmistress: I have.  Possibly my toughest opponent---ever.   Zortic: Worse than Darth Vadar?  Sauron?  Simon Cowell?  Mindmistress: You sure you're alien?Steve: Here.  You need this worse than I do.  Mindmistress:  Uh...no offense, but... Abui: I think she's a ibt hesitant...to drink after...Death.  Steve: All the more for me, then.

Mindmistress : Steve, a drunken Death--Zortic, an alien Earthmeida fanboy...Abui, a Sinn Fae fanatic...you--? Cortland: Terry Cortland, graphic designer.  Mindmistress: Figures.  Cortland:  Helped Scale once---but no good deed goes unpunished.Mindmistress : This's suicidal!  We're facing an immensely powerful mystical being--- his reality-conquering army...with-- no offense--an alliance of eccentric oddballs.  Steve: Glass. Half-full.  Zortic: Plus a 'superhero'--scared to death.  Mindmistress: Touche.

Mindmistress (caption): This day started so differently... Vicki: So...what's that, Boss?  Mindmistress: From what I observed of the 'Unstoppable Ones'' floating platforms--I developed a negagravity platform--using the same principles.

Included it in the last panel are several guest-stars: ZORTIC, Abui of ROGUES OF CLYWD-RHAN, CORTLAND and Steve of LIFE AND DEATH



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